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Dr. Da Huang

PhD in Chemistry
Texas A&M University (2014)

Tel: (713) 348-2376

Office: Space Science 017

Email: Da.Huang[at]rice[dot]edu

Research Keywords:Plasmon Lumeniscence

Research Summary:

One-Photon Plasmon Luminescence from Gold Nanoparticles

The one photon photoluminescence spectrum of AuNPs have been studied, which highly resembles the spectrum of dark field scattering. This leads to the study of the origin of these photoluminescence photons. One of our model suggested that this secondary photon emission could be from the direct emission by plasmonic modes. However, there are still some observations could not yet been well explained, such as the tiny blue shift of the photoluminescence peak position compared to the dark field scattering spectrum. There are still more works need to be done here.

Relevant Publications.
  • to be published soon