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Welcome to the Link Lab!

Lin-Yung Wang

PhD Candidate in Chemistry
Rice University (2012-present)

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
National Taiwan University (2009)

Tel: (713) 348-2854

Office: Space Science 220

Research Keywords: Nanotechnology, Electromagnetic Simulations, Mie theory, Single-Molecule Super-Resolution Microscopy and Tracking

Research Summary:

Single-Molecule Imaging and Tracking of Surface-rolling Molecules

In the Link lab we study the transport properties of nanomachines of a surface-rolling molecules, called nanocars. We use fluorescence microscopy combined with a bias-free analysis procedure to demonstrate that these molecules can move on a silica substrate 100 times faster than the control molecule. In this project, I have worked on both the optical setup and developed a software for trajectory analysis.

Classical Electromagnetic Modelings for Nanoparticles

We also use the classical electromagnetic (EM) simulations to model the optical properties of noble metal nanoparticles. Our tools include the analytic approaches such as generalized Mie theory and coupled-diole theory as well as a numerical approach, finite-difference-time-domain (FDTD) method, in which the Maxwell’s equations are solved in the time domain.

My recent research results include the modeling of gold nanoparticle chains, termed the plasmonic polymers and the modeling of electron transfer process between the gold nanorods and graphene.

Relevant Publications.
  • A. Hoggard, L.-Y. Wang , L. Ma, Y. Fang,G. You,J. Olson, Z. Liu, W.-S. Chang, P. M. Ajayan and S. Link, Using the Plasmon Linewidth to Calculate the Time and Efficiency of Electron Transfer between Gold Nanorods and Graphene. ACS Nano 7, 12, 11209 (2013)
  • P.-L. E. Chu, L.-Y. Wang, S. Khatua, A. B. Kolomeisky, S. Link, J. M. Tour, Synthesis and Single-Molecule Imaging of Highly Mobile Adamantane-Wheeled Nanocars. ACS Nano 7, 1, 35 (2013)
  • B. Shuang, C. P. Byers, L. Kisley, L.-Y. Wang, J. Zhao, H. Morimura, S. Link, C. F. Landes, Improved Analysis for Determining Diffusion Coefficients from Short Single-Molecule Trajectories with Photoblinking. Langmuir 29, 228 (2013)